Nico Nobels

Nico Nobels

Nico Nobels, born and raised in Mechelen, is definitely not a stranger to the Belgian dj scene. After winning the very first MNM Start 2 DJ competition in 2011, which proved to be his definite claim to fame, he became one of the deejays to watch when it comes to originality and creativity with music.

With that in mind, it didn’t take long for the young dj to get censed by clubs.

Nowadays Nico is playing in the bigger clubs, and at numerous festivals, in Belgium and abroad, working his way up to the top.

After working behind the scenes as a producer for a long time, perfecting his musical talents, Nico has decided to show the world what he’s capable of in 2018. The release of his first debut album will be definitely something you’ll want to hear about.

REFERENCES: Radio MNM, Laundry Day 2017, Club Exo, Club Escape, Marktrock, Beachland, Kingdom Club (NL), La Folie Douce (FR)